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Partner Program

Join us, together we will be able to meet the growing online demand.

Abbigliare is interested in developing relationships with various suppliers of clothing, fashion accessories, footwear, art and design, both in Italy and abroad. If you want to collaborate with Abbigliare, send us an e-mail with your proposal, you can integrate your articles with:

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • Cutting-edge marketing tools

Together, we offer customers a greater variety of products and the ability to purchase multiple brands in one place with maximum convenience. By improving the experience of our customers and increasing your digital sales, you will have more opportunities for growth and greater expansion in the market. United we will be stronger. Enjoy your sales!

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Solutions, management and product fulfillment

Sell your products on abbigliare

Items and Logistics Management

As a partner, you will maintain full control of prices, of images used, associated contents and discounts to be applied from time to time, you can send to end customers their orders directly, by managing your shipments (logistics), and receive payments periodically of the items delivered, as long as you have the legal right to sell them and they comply with Abbigliare's ethical standards.

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We are very satisfied with the growing online demand and sales that together with abbigliare.it we have managed to increase day by day, allowing us to overcome the challenges by increasing our skills with greater dedication to research and development of new ideas.

Joe S., CEO ****

Thanks to the integration of our products on Abbigliare and the support offered by their team, we have implemented an expansion strategy that has allowed us to reach new customers by expanding our presence and our impact on the market.

Maya G., CEO *******