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  • Shoes & Bags
    Shoes & Bags
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    At one time these accessories had to necessarily be matched to each other, while today, with some exceptions, no rule or label is more binding, just combine them according to your look with an innovative spirit, even daring new combinations.

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  • Digital wishes: Milan Digital Fashion Week!
    Digital wishes: Milan Digital Fashion Week!
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    The virtuous interpretations of the new lifestyle and the desire for innovation dictate the guidelines for the new era of fashion: Milan Digital Fashion Week!

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  • Expressions of urban life
    Expressions of urban life
    2452 Views Liked

    Expressive signs of the need for freedom and to manifest one's thought or one's opinion, often appear on the walls of cities, which outsiders, eclectics and artists, through slogans and logos with a political or social background contest or simply criticize the political and financial caste, and with images and shapes they contrast the depersonalization of large metropolitan areas, transforming all this into a rapid technique to execute one's own drawings, meaning the cities as an immense...

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  • The male accessory
    The male accessory
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    The tie: a simple strip of cloth that can be made with different types of fabric; from silk to wool, from cotton to polyester, it gives that extra touch for a versatile outfit: elegant or casual.

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  • Summer Fashion
    Summer Fashion
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    Nam libero tempore, cum soluta nobis est eligendi optio cumque nihil impedit quo minus id quod maxime placeat facere possimus, omnis voluptas assumenda est, omnis dolor repellendus.

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